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Kullanıcı adı: nadjavoigt0710
kapalı: Neukölln
konuşuyor: Deutsch, Englisch
Konu: Dil
tarihinden: 24.08.2017

German lessons

Hello to all of you!

My name is Nadja (29) and I’d like to offer German lessons, basically for all levels and according to your specific needs. I’ve studied German and started as a freelancing teacher for German as a foreign language more than a year ago.
I usually do not stick to grammar books but try to develop schedules according to what you might need in your daily life; I am also more than happy to help with translations, formal texts, or any other fields where German becomes important to you.
Feel free to contact me and we can try and schedule a date (I also like to eat and walk, so it’d be more than nice to combine the language learning with any of these things :))



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