Nom de l'utilisatrice: JinJin
de: Mitte
parle: english, mandarin
Thème: Temps libre
à partir de: 18.10.2017

writing collaborative poetry with refugee mothers

I wrote a book of poetry last year about my own mother, who was a migrant worker in China, and I received a grant this year to speak to dislocated mothers all over the world. Through informal interviews and conversations, I want to bring together voices of women into a collaborative poetry.

For my project, I am interviewing dislocated women and mothers in Berlin–the interviews can be anonymous, and it can be a conversation and do not have to follow any sort of interview format. The women have complete control over what is recorded and what is not. And the interview will not be published publicly unless they want it to be.

I want to connect with any refugee/ migrant women who would be interested in speaking to me. While English would be preferable, I can also find German, Farsi, Arabic translators if needed.

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