Terms of Use

Welcome to the website of WOMEN´S WELCOME BRIDGE, a platform provided by the initiative Raupe und Schmetterling Frauen in der Lebensmitte e.V.. WOMEN´S WELCOME BRIDGE provides a platform for women by women. It is a meeting place where women living in Berlin and female refugees can support each other and learn from one another.

You are able to read Wanted and Offer listings without registering. However, if you want to post a Wanted or Offer listing, or if you have found something of interest and want to make contact, you do need to register first. Registered users can also leave feedback about their experiences and the successful bringing together of supply and demand on the Blog page.

The active use of the online platform WOMEN´S WELCOME BRIDGE requires being registered as a user. To register, a user must be 18 years old and must be female. Registration is free – no fees are levied for registration. An entitlement for registration does not exist. Please avoid registering more than once.

To be able to register you need to have a personal email address. The registration process is used by us to check whether you are the registered user of the email address provided by you.

We don’t carry out any further identity checks. By registering with us you declare to be a woman of adult age (18) and declare to be the person you have given the personal data for. We do not publish your personal data, nor do we pass any personal data on to other users.

Registering for an organisation
Employees of charitable groups, associations and organisations etc. (action groups) can also register as users. The respective user shall be responsible for obtaining the approval for registration from a person with authority for such matters from their organisation in order to register the organisation with WOMEN´S WELCOME BRIDGE. As part of the registration a general, not person-related email address must be used that has been specially set up for the organisation in question. In addition, a contact for the organisation must be named during registration. Should this contact not be available or should she terminate her work with the organisation, she, or her successor, is to notify us of this change. We shall then issue a new password to the new user via the “Forgot password” function, which is emailed to the email address registered with us.

LOGIN / Password
Please use a pseudonym as your username when registering with us, i.e. don’t use your real name or your email address. Pick a made-up name or an abbreviation as your user name. Letters and number combinations are permissible.

In addition to your LOGIN you need to create a secure password that is not identical with your username. The password should be made up of a combination of letters, special symbols and numbers and must be at least 8 characters long. Keep your password secret. Please avoid registering more than once and reset your password through your email address, should you forget it.

Once you have registered with us, complete your profile, entering all necessary required fields as soon as possible: your first name, surname and your telephone number. This information is necessary so that we can contact you in case of any doubt, misunderstanding or should there be any questions, or if we suspect multiple registrations. In case of a claim by a third party for alleged legal infringements and in cases of misuse of a profile, we need to be able to contact you by phone.

You may also enter more voluntary information to your profile and upload a photograph, as well. Please use a real photo of yourself for your profile photo or use an image that you are allowed to use without infringing any copyrights or personal rights of third parties. Please ensure that only you are seen in your profile photo, with no other person being recognisable.

Wanted / Offer – Making Contact
Please use clear language when wording your Offer or Wanted listing.  Don’t enter any contact or personal details in your Wanted/Offer listing, as it is clearly visible to all on the website! We will check all entries for completeness. Furthermore, should any obvious illegal content or misuse of the website  of such sort be detected in the course of the completeness check, we shall not authorise the listing and it will not go live. We cannot guarantee that the Offer/Wanted listings are always current and sincere; instead all users are called upon to only post sincere Offer/Wanted listings.

The Offer/Wanted listings must not be unlawful, must not contain unethical content and must not serve to promote any services or goods.

The website does not automatically match up any Offer offers with any Wanted listings. Each user may use the search function to find matching Offer/Wanted listings and contacts the respective other user directly herself through the website. When contact is made no contact details are transmitted to the respective other user, instead any dates/rendezvous and the exchange of personal contact come about through user-to-user communication.

Posts / content

We require a free-of-charge, temporally and geographically unrestricted right of use to posts under the headings of Wanted/Offer and in the feedback blog of our platform and to other materials, photos, ideas, suggestions for improvements, etc. made available by users through upload. Any content associated with a user account will be deleted once the user account is closed. Users can determine a run time for Wanted/Offer posts and these will no longer be viewable after expiry of this run time.


Rules of use

Abusive practices are not allowed on WOMEN´S WELCOME BRIDGE. Abuse is, for example but not only, when the user:


  • intentionally provides false, misleading, incorrect or incomplete information;
  • opens several accounts or opens an account without the right to do so;
  • violates the obligations or rights of others arising from statutory law or the provisions of use.


It is possible for users to contact each other via the platform, e.g. to provide more detailed information on a Wanted/Offer post, to set up a meeting, for further exchange or to help each other or get to know each other further. In doing so, users undertake to exchange only content that


  • does not contain obvious or hidden advertisements;
  • is not irrelevant, intentionally untrue, defamatory, derogatory, slanderous, morally offensive or pornographic, or otherwise does not constitute a criminal offence;
  • does not violate the rights of third parties;
  • does not contain viruses, computer programs or other malware that affects the function of third-party computers;
  • is not a questionnaire or chain letter;
  • is not exclusively for the purposes of disseminating a political, ideological or religious opinion;
  • does not serve the purpose of collecting, saving or using personal data from users without their express consent, in particular for business purposes.


WOMEN´S WELCOME BRIDGE is entitled to block/delete the user account and/or the user and the profile if abusive practices are suspected.


WOMEN´S WELCOME BRIDGE reserves the right to block and delete any abusive content, statements, etc., and to pass on to judicial or administrative authorities information in this respect.


Contact / reporting problems

We ask you to report any problems of any kind in using our platform without delay. We delete usage data after use and at the latest 90 days afterwards in accordance with data protection regulations and therefore cannot consider problems or requests for information after this time. Please use the following email address: kontakt@womens-welcome-bridge.de.


Revocation / termination / contractual term

You can end your registration at any time. There is no contractual term or obligation.


We are a non-profit association and do not operate economically like an entrepreneur. The regulations on distance selling and on the right of revocation thus do not apply. This does not represent a disadvantage to you, since you can end the user relationship at any time.


If you want to delete your user profile and end your registration, please send an email to kontakt@womens-welcome-bridge.de, call us on 030-889 226 36, come in person to our office or send a fax. We will then delete the user account and send an email once it is deleted.

If you no longer have access to the email address you registered, you will have to identify yourself at our office in person.


Availability of the platform

We make every effort to ensure the availability of the platform without interruption. Technical issues may lead, however, to temporary unavailability, e.g. in the case of maintenance of the website or other adjustments to content or technology. Since the platform is provided free of charge and without contractual obligations, we are free to discontinue the offer if financial support is no longer available and/or in the case of diminishing demand.


Applicable law / jurisdiction

German law applies to the user relationship. Jurisdiction for disputes arising out of and in connection with the user relationship is Berlin.

Raupe und Schmetterling Frauen in der Lebensmitte e.V.
Berlin, November 2016