In which languages is WOMEN’S WELCOME BRIDGE available?
WOMEN`S WELCOME BRIDGE is available in German, English, Farsi, Arabic, French and Turkish.

If you have questions regarding registration and use of WOMEN`S WELCOME BRIDGE, please do not hesitate to contact us by telephone or personally. Our office hours are Tuesdays from 3pm to 4:30 pm at (030) 889 226 36. The WOMEN’S WELCOME BRIDGE office is located at “Raupe und Schmetterling – Frauen in der Lebensmitte e.V.”, Pariser Str. 3, 10719 Berlin.

Can I also use WOMEN`S WELCOME BRIDGE on a tablet or mobile phone?
Yes. The website adapts itself to the end device (computer, tablet, smartphone). In order to make it even easier, you can also have the website as a favourites symbol on your display. Simply open the WOMEN`S WELCOME BRIDGE website in your browser and add the website to your home screen.

How do I register?
For your initial registration please click on “Register” on the homepage. Under NEW MEMBER enter your first name and surname, your username, email address and your password.

You will then receive an email with a link; you need to confirm registration by clicking that link. Now click on “Sign up” – under BACK AGAIN you can log in and create your profile. Under profile creation there are optional fields and required fields that must be filled in. This safeguards the security of every woman that uses WOMEN`S WELCOME BRIDGE.

Information in the required fields – first name, surname, telephone number, email address – is not made public.

I have problems with my password during registration. What can I do?
For security reasons you have to create a secure password during registration. This must consist of at least 8 characters and can contain special characters, upper and lower case letters as well as numbers. The number of characters has only moderate impact on the security of a password. If you choose, for instance, a password called „Password1234!“ it may still be classed as insecure, despite it having upper and lower case letters, numbers and special symbols. Good luck with the creation of your password.

 I am not able to log in after my registration. Why not?
It may be that you did not click the confirmation link that was sent to you per email after registration. Once you have clicked on this link, you will be able to log in easily.

I have forgotten my password. What do I do now?
No problem! Here you can request a new password.

I am not able to post after registration. Why not?
Only when your profile is complete will you be able to use this website and all its functions. To do so, log in with your password. On the top navigation bar click on the menu item “Your Dashboard”. Under “Your Profile” you can enter and store your personal data. Now you can make full use of all the services that this site offers.

My entry is still not online. Why is that?
Your entry will be activated 1 or 2 days after you made it. After your post has been set we will send you a confirmation email.

We check the respective posts for completeness. Also, any posts that contain obvious unlawful content or should any misuse of this platform become apparent in the course of the completeness check, the post will not be activated.

How can I edit or delete my post?
Click on the post in question in your user area. You can edit or delete your post using the “CHANGE OFFER”, “CHANGE SEARCH”, “DELETE OFFER” or “DELETE SEARCH” buttons. Once you have edited your post, it must be approved again for posting.

I don’t want to state my personal data. Can I still use WOMEN`S WELCOME BRIDGE?
Yes and no. Even without a profile you are able to read all ‘Wanted’ and ‘For Sale’ posts, but you are not able to respond. Only with a full profile can you respond to posts. An anonymous use of the site is not permitted. However, the personal data that you enter in your profile are not made public on the website. Contact is only made through the username that you have set yourself. This is to ensure your own safety and that of all other women who use WOMEN`S WELCOME BRIDGE.

How do I contact another member?
When you have found a suitable For Sale offer or Wanted item you can see a button called “Reply” under the post. Click “Reply” and you will be contacting the author of the post directly. Your email address remains invisible.

There is no offer that suits me. What can I do?
No problem. Simply create a “Wanted” post and it is highly likely that someone will respond soon.

I have had no reply to my offer. What can I do?
Be patient. Sometimes it takes a little while until a woman responds to your For Sale offer or your Wanted post. Perhaps adding a more inviting text or photograph does help, or try and work on your profile to make it more appealing.

One of the posts seems dubious to me. What can I do?
Right. Thank you for being so alert! You can report posts that seem untrustworthy at any given time. If the content proves to be unlawful or our platform is being misused, we will delete the post immediately.

I’ve had a bad experience. How do I deal with it?
We are very sorry to hear that. If you think that the Wanted or For Sale post is dubious and should be deleted, please report it.

I would like to delete my account? What do I have to do?
We are sorry to hear that you no longer want to partake in WOMEN’S WELCOME BRIDGE. Is there something we can improve on? We are happy to receive your feedback via e-mail. If you still want us to delete your account, you can also inform us via e-mail and we will promptly do so.

How do I spread the word about WOMEN`S WELCOME BRIDGE to my friends and acquaintances?
Very simple: just send them a postcard! Send an email to rosskopf@ariadne-an-der-spree.de. We’ll be happy to send you some postcards to send out. And of course, we’ll be delighted if you talk to your friends and the people you know via WOMEN`S WELCOME BRIDGE.