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vom: 23.06.2017

Kiron, Open Higher Education for refugees

Who: Calling all women refugees!
What: Study with Kiron to reach your goal of earning a bachelor degree
Where: Anywhere! Our online platform enables you to study at your convenience
When: Now! We are always online, available and ready to help you start your bachelor’s today
Why: Educating women means educating the future – Kiron wants to enable women refugees not only to educate themselves but their children, friends and neighbors

Education is about more than learning from books, lectures and online sources. At Kiron, we aim to provide refugees with equal opportunities to access and succeed in higher education and in life. Currently, we have more than 2700 students, yet a majority of our students remain male. It is important that our student demographic represents our beliefs – equal opportunity for men AND women. We are devoting our efforts in the month of July to female refugee recruitment, which means highlighting equal access to higher education for everyone.

Kiron offers five study tracks in Mechanical Engineering, Business and Economics, Computer Science, Political Science, and Social Work. Kiron also provides students with support through language courses, buddy and mentor programs, counseling and more, leaving you the flexibility to design your studies to fit your availability and needs!

You can learn more about Kiron here, or listen to a testimony from Sajida, one of our female students studying Mechanical Engineering at Kiron for over a year!

For questions and inquiries please contact Noemie Burel (

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